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Pneumatic temperature protection jacket ball valve

Brand : ARIV

Product origin : Anshan,China

Delivery time : 40~60 Day

Supply capacity : 7000 PCS/YEAR

Product Description

Heat preservation ball valve, also known as jacketed ball valve, is based on the ball valve welding metal jacket, used for injection of steam or other insulation, cold medium, to ensure that the medium in the valve can work properly. The heat insulation jacket ball valve has good insulation and cold protection characteristics, and the valve diameter and diameter are consistent, but also can effectively reduce the medium heat loss in the pipeline.

Heat insulation jacketed ball valve is mainly used in petroleum, chemical, metallurgy, pharmaceutical, food and other systems, to transport the heavy oil, glue and other high viscosity media at room temperature

Insulation jacket ball valve with integral jacket structure design, more uniform heat, cold insulation, insulation ball valve than smaller volume, lighter weight, and no leakage, good sealing performance, the use of carbon steel welded jacket casting more pressure than solid.

Insulation ball valve has good heat insulation properties, in addition to reducing insulation valve, the valve diameter and the diameter of one to medium linear flow resistance is small, can effectively reduce the heat loss of the medium in pipelines, therefore, liquid medium on easy solidification, high viscosity with excellent performance

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